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It’s becoming increasingly popular in business to see wall decals being used as a way of marketing a company’s brand, and we think that’s great!

They’re a great way of advertising a certain product, getting a message across to customers, or even just adding some colour to a blank wall!

In any business these days, it’s necessary to do whatever you can to get your message out there to potential customers, and even reminding your existing customers that you’re still out there. The more times that people see your brand/logo, the quicker it will be that they start noticing it more before eventually it will be instantly recognisable and they know exactly what it is without even really thinking about it. Brand recognition is all about building towards a subtle message that you can regularly get out to your client base and eventually leading to more frequent sales.

To build that brand recognition, you need your logo to been seen in as many places as you can (without going too over the top), and decals in your office is a great place to start.

Wall decals can be used in many places… basically anywhere with a wall (funnily enough!). Though we recommend smooth, indoor surfaces as that’s what most decal materials are produced for. A standard wall decal material applies very nicely to a nice flat surface with no textures, though there are more options on materials if you’re looking for decals to be applied onto more rough surfaces such as brick, textured walls or more!

Having spoken to a number of clients in the past, many are always concerned about fitting decals as they always find themselves with air bubbles and lumpy decals that, once applied, cannot be reapplied without damaging the decal! To avoid this, we provide our customers with a solution know as 100dot! This is a product that we use which prevents air bubbles from forming underneath the decal and effectively makes the sticker really easy to apply, and it’s also a repositionable material, so if it’s placed incorrectly, it can be reapplied to the surface with no issues and no loss in tack!

Want to stand out at an exhibition, or just want your branding to jump out at customers as they walk into your office? Then decals are the perfect method for you!

Check out below how our client Links Project used theirs! A simple, yet effective way of using their brand rather than leaving an empty space.

How wall decals can have a positive effect on your brand. Lotus Design & Print
How wall decals can have a positive effect on your brand. Lotus Design & Print
How wall decals can have a positive effect on your brand. Lotus Design & Print