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Why printed calendars?

We’re in the modern age of technology, so why do we still get orders to print calendars?

Whilst some people these days prefer the use of calendars on their phone or PC, lots still like to have a printed wiro bound or standing calendar on their desk or on the wall in their office. Personally for us here at Lotus, we find it very useful to have a constant reminder of upcoming meetings, appointments or important dates staring us in the face.

It’s also worth considering, that a great way to please your clients, whilst continuing to build rapport, is to give them a small gift every now and again. With the New Year just around the corner, why not get them a complimentary calendar?

Printed calendars with customisation, simple and easy process. Lotus Design & Print

It’s a simple way of building a relationship with clients of old or new, and at the same time, it’s a great way to increase brand awareness whilst giving them a gift that they can actually make good use out of. Everyone’s a winner!

What types of printed calendars do we offer?

There are various types of calendars which we can supply, from desk calendars (pictured) to wall calendars, at A5, A4, A3 or custom size, printed one sided or both, and with custom photographs and your own dates!

Additionally, we can even include custom colours, a wide range of font type faces, and also include additional information. Add on your brand’s social media information, email address, website and telephone numbers.

So, want us to print calendars of your own?

Get in touch (contact details below) for a personalised quotation! Find out how we can help put together the best calendar for you and your business or brand.

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Or you can visit our Facebook page! Click on photos and take a look at the wide variety of print products that we’ve printed in the past. You’ll find lots on there, including calendars!