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The use of large format print is very common even in this digital age, it’s everywhere and the average human will be surrounded by it nearly every day.

High street shops usually promote themselves with the use of pavement signage and window posters, event venues will promote upcoming shows with roadside banners for the potential visitors who drive nearby, businessmen/businesswomen will make most of an exhibition with a pull-up roller banner, and even in shopping centres you’ll see large indoor posters and display boards situated to enhance promotion of a product or to provide information to a bigger audience.

We at Lotus Design & Print are proud to announce we have recently invested in a Roland VG-540 which can only mean great news for our customers!

Our clients’ needs are very important to us, and over the last few months we’ve seen an increase in demand for some large format products that we couldn’t previously offer. Although we could already offer roller banners, roadside banners and posters, we felt restricted as to the services we could provide.

Now we have this new bit of kit (see below), we’re delighted that we now have a larger variety of products that you, our clients, can choose from.

So whether you’re in need of some point of sale for outside your shopfront, some posters to go in your window, a roadside banner to attract passing customers, or even a roller banner to show off at an exhibition, get in touch for a free no obligation quote!

Promoting your company with large format print Lotus Design & Print